We love what we do

Our philosophy is based on a creative combination of tradition and innovation. The palace we are situated in as well as the gastronomic heritage of our locality correspond to the element of tradition, whereas our contemplation of the local gastronomy and the concept of our restaurant reflect contemporary trends.

Talented team

March 2017 Pelegrini received JRE Service Award 2017

May 2016 Pelegrini voted best Restaurant of Dalmatia and Best Restaurant in Croatia & chef Rudolf Štefan voted Chef of the Year by Dobri Restorani 2016

May 2015 Pelegrini voted best Restaurant of Dalmatia and Best Restaurant in Croatia by Dobri Restorani 2015

Food, location and atmosphere matter

We aspire to preserve local flavors – flavors of our gastronomic heritage. This element of tradition is our everlasting inspiration. We wish our guests get to know us through our tasting menu since it is the best way to understand our vision. We work hard to constantly improve the experience we offer.

Jeunes Restaurateurs

Pelegrini is a memeber of Jeunes Restaurateursan association of young restaurateurs who want to share their talent, innovations and passion for the profession with each other. In total there are more than 340 restaurants and 160 hotels in Europe, spread over 12 countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.